Board Nominations

There are three (3) vacant Board positions (term to run for 2 years) for the Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Alliance Inc (WAITTA).

WAITTA would like to announce nominations have been received in accordance with clause 11.5 of the Constitution, from the following two (2) candidates:

  • Mr Gavin Bagley; and
  • Mr Michael Lester.

Both currently serving as WAITTA Directors, Mr Bagley and Mr Lester have elected to renominate for membership to the WAITTA Board. Click on the images on the right for their respective biographies.

For the appointment of Office Bearers, the Constitution will prevail, and the role of President, Deputy President, Treasurer and Secretary will be elected by the Board at the first Board meeting following the Annual General Meeting.

Incoming Directors

Since the last Annual General Meeting, WAITTA has welcomed the following Directors, and would like to take this opportunity to confirm their position on the Board:

  • Hall Jackson (since July 2023);
  • Peter Malaxos (as Treasurer since August 2023); and
  • Premila Jina (since September 2023).

To view Director biographies, please click on the image.

Outgoing Directors

During the year, WAITTA farewelled the following Directors, with our sincere thanks and gratitude for their contributions and support of the Association.

Paul Moro
Paul Moro

Paul joined the WAITTA Board in November 2018 and has served as the Game Changer Awards Chair (Jan 2020 - Jan 2023) and served as WAITTA's Vice President (Nov 2022 - Jan 2023).

Paul stepped down from the Board in January 2023.

Chris Marshall

Chris joined the WAITTA Board in August 2022 and has close alignment with WAITTA, having established putt4dough, WAITTA's IT charity event.

Chris was unable to continue his term due to personal commitments and stepped down from the Board in March 2023.

Arnold Wong

Arnold joined the WAITTA Board in October 2022 and served as WAITTA's Treasurer.

Arnold stepped down from the Board in July 2023.

Dan Beeston

Dan joined the WAITTA Board in October 2021 has served as WAITTA's Treasurer (Jul 2022 - Jul 2023).

Dan will step down from the WAITTA Board at the conclusion of the AGM, in completion of his current Director term.